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Your Voice

Climbing down the steps and


crossing many a street

going past the bazaar-street

where things lay spread like

the Sea

Even after going beyond

the tall, strong gateway,

some sounds

come to fall in the ears.

Leaving the light of the

outer corridor

where voices of the world

have faded a little

Going into the

semi-darkness of the


our ancestors’ voices

softly whisper secrets

in our ears.

After entering into the

wholesome darkness of

the sanctum-sanctorium

there comes from within

a dark, colourful silence

outside, upon things

in absolute quietitude

as the very light

when it reflects

At some times

I feel

that you are with me

with hands resting on the

lap, right in front of my


A song springs from Veena

on its own.

While talking with my friends,

from out of blue

your voice drops a sentence.

Though it seems familiar

yet, wonder and surprise

have never withered away

in our Togetherness.

Poem from Navina Virtucham

Translated by Latha Ramakrishnan


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